We've considered some "Frequently Asked Questions" and have some helpful answers for you. The map of our Buildings and Grounds below is offered to help you get a mental picture of where to go once you arrive on site.

We're looking forward to your first visit. As you meet our pastor and staff, introduce yourself as a first-time visitor so we can be sure to offer you the special attention you deserve.
Great new beginnings require a first step in the right direction. We're excited about your first step to visit Glenwood United Methodist Church.

Visitor FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (click on the Question to view Anwser)

Our Sunday morning services are; Contemporary Praise Service at 9:30 am in Fellowship Hall, and Traditional Worship Service is at 10:45 am in the Sanctuary. More information about these services can be found here.
There are two church parking lots. The main parking lot is located on the east side of church, accessible from Hague Ave. and Valleyview Drive. A second lot is located directly behind the church which again you can get to from Valleyview Drive or Hague Ave. See the map below for details.
Here at the Glenwood UMC there is no dress code, you may dress in the manner comfortable to you in any of our services. Some members choose to dress up, some dress more casually. To us, it is more important that you are here with us, not what you are wearing.
Anywhere! Where you sit is completely up to you. The Oasis praise band perform on stage, down in Fellowship Hall and the pastor speaks from the center. The Traditional service, the choir is in the choir loft which is micked. Generally anyone who speaks in the service does so into a microphone so volume should not be a problem. If you do have a hearing problem then just ask one of our Ushers and they will get you a personal hearing device for the Service to use. Song lyrics and visuals aids are projected on a large screen in the sanctuary upstairs and also downstairs, so sitting closer the screen may be a factor in your seating decision.
All Christians may take communion at Glenwood United Methodist Church even if they are not yet members of the church. Communion is a sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ as a way to remember his life, death, and resurrection. As we participate in communion, we encounter the living Christ. Communion is served monthly in our Contemporary Service. Servers stand by the Communion Table with plates of bread, and chalices of grape juice. Worshipers walk to the front, take a tiny piece of bread, and dip it into the chalice of grape juice, and then return to their seats. In our 10:45 a.m.traditional worship service, communion is served on the first Sunday of the month. Trays of bread are passed by the servers out through the pews to the congregation, and worshipers eat the bread when instructed by the pastor. Servers then return to the communion table, and carry trays of tiny communion cups into the congregation. When instructed by the pastor, each participating worshiper drinks the communion juice.
There are many different options for children during our Sunday morning services, with different programming offered according to their age group. Nursery services are provided for small ones, while different types of Sunday school and worship activities are available for kids through the 6th grade. More information about these programs can be found in our Children's Ministries section.
Women's restrooms are located in the hallway between the kitchen and the sanctuary. Men's restrooms and a family restroom (with a baby changing table) are located in the hallway between the main entrance and the chapel. See the map below.
There are many ways to get more information about our church and what we're all about. You can start be looking around this website. There is lots of information about our weekly church services and ministries that we provide. You can ask a member, or someone who has visited our church before, to get more of an idea about what you can expect from us. You can call our office and talk to any one of our church staff members, they would love to help! Contact us for more information.